Organizations deploy workloads to multiple clouds to take advantage of best-of-breed capabilities and improve the resiliency of services. According to Gartner, 81% percent of these organizations are already deploying hybrid or multiple clouds.

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Managing applications across different clouds is easier said than done. Organizations often cite challenges with siloed tools, inconsistent management and visibility gaps. In this session, Splunk and Google Cloud will demonstrate how Anthos and Splunk provide consistent ways to manage and monitor your workloads across multiple clouds.

Join our webinar, “Simplifying Multicloud with Splunk and Google Cloud's Anthos” to learn:

  • How to implement effective multicloud strategies and patterns.
  • Anthos - how to achieve portability using Anthos across multiple environments.
  • Multicloud observability with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and Splunk Cloud.
  • Monitoring and investigation of real-world performance issues with Splunk.

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Our Speakers

Amit Sharma

Director of Product Marketing, Splunk

Jamie Duncan

Cloud Engineer, Google