SOC Analyst, Alice Bluebird, is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of different cloud services her new employer adopts and uses at rapid scale. She is tasked with gaining end-to-end visibility to ensure that 1) a consistent security monitoring strategy can be established, and 2) that security incidents can be vetted across multiple cloud service providers.

Join this webinar to learn how Alice Bluebird can overcome her challenges as we explore;

  • How to create a unified cloud security strategy
  • What data onboarding in the cloud looks like
  • How to onboard data with ‘out of the box’ Splunk Technology add-ons such as Microsoft Office 365
  • How to gain universal cloud security warrior skills by quickly onboarding data from any kind of cloud service using the Splunk Add-On Builder
  • What to do next with the data to establish threat detection and security monitoring

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Our Speakers

Joshua Cowling

Consulting Sales Engineer at Splunk

Matthias Maier

Product Marketing Director at Splunk