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It’s time to modernize the Security Operations Center (SOC). We’ve seen the same challenges for years: too many security alerts, a massive shortage in the number of security professionals, insufficient skill sets and experience, and teams using a myriad of complex, siloed point solutions instead of holistic threat-mitigation capabilities. It’s an unsustainable model that’s long overdue for change.

SOC teams must adapt and evolve to a new cyber threat response model - one that is cloud based and that helps them prioritize effective triage, reduce false positives, leverage new automation, behavior analytics, AI and machine learning tools. This will streamline their workflow so they can focus on the industry-specific threats that matter—instead of the alerts that don’t. This must be done while onboarding many new data sources to continue to effectively protect the business. Only then can these teams transform their operations and overcome the burdens of today’s obsolete SOC.

Watch Splunk and Accenture Security on-demand to learn more about how you can:

  • Use risk-based alerting to accelerate alert triage and threat response
  • Automate response to mitigate threats in seconds instead of hours
  • Integrate your existing security solutions for streamlined workflow
  • Mature processes and skill sets to build cyber resilience
  • Align and integrate security with your business objectives



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