Welcome to Data Drivers! An iRacing and Hands-on Hackathon experience.

ICYMI, The Big Data Beard team hosted the Virtual Race To .conf20, a broadcast of a Championship Racing Series on the iRacing.com platform in the 10 days leading up to .conf20. They also created an easy way to get more than 300 metrics out of iRacing and into Splunk which they used to surface insights into the racing action and created the most played BOTN scenario of .conf20!

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN to get in on the racing action and get hands-on experience using Splunk powerful IT tools to develop data-driven insights into the race.

Join the Splunk IT Strategist team for an exciting series of live-streamed events on Splunk’s official Twitch channel that will include:

  • iRacing Championship Series - we need data after all, so we will host the Data Drivers Championship Racing Series on iRacing with monthly races broadcast on Splunk's Twitch Stream while we create the data we need!
  • Hackathons - turning data into action is what Splunk’s Data-To-Everything platform is all about, so we’ll be hosting a live session with Splunk subject matter experts to explore how unique IT functionality in Splunk can be applied to our racing scenarios. This will be a great chance to learn tips and tricks on how to leverage Splunk in creative ways to bring data to every question, decision and action!

Join Data Drivers and compete with drivers from around the world while getting hands-on experience using Splunk’s incredible Data-To-Everything platform.

Be data driven. Join Data Drivers!

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Our Hosts

Race and Broadcast Schedule

Race and Broadcast Schedule:
Race Date (all at 12PM PT) Race Track
3/30/21 Barber Motorsports Park
4/27/21 Brands Hatch
6/1/21 Circuit De Spa
6/22/21 Bristol Motor Speedway
7/20/21 Twin Ring Motegi
8/17/21 Sonoma Raceway
Hackathon Schedule:
Date (all broadcasts are at 12pm PT) Topic
4/2/21 Intro, Participant Access Overview, Windows Smart Agent on Gaming PC
4/30/21 iRacing GDI: Custom data ingestion with Python
6/4/21 Getting started with ITSI: Build KPIs that matter
6/25/21 Build a "Service" that is our race
7/23/21 Race Day visualizations for the pit wall
8/20/21 Data To Action & Thresholds At Speed