Cloud acceleration is paramount to success for tech and business leaders. You need a data deployment like Splunk to provide you end-to-end monitoring visibility and a robust security posture. Splunk Cloud delivers the benefits of Splunk Enterprise to analyze, aggregate, and get answers from your data. We take on all of the responsibility of upgrades and updates for you, as you receive brand new features and enhancements every 6 weeks.

The Splunk Cloud Migration Assessment App is an automated health check and guide that does the following:

  • Analyzes your current Splunk Enterprise deployment that is running on-premises or bring your own license (BYOL) models
  • Determines if you are a fit for Splunk Cloud (and vice versa)
  • Gives you guidance for your migration to the Splunk Cloud

In this Tech Talk we will show you a demo of the latest version of the Splunk Cloud Migration Assessment, which has an improved user interface. Tune in to learn about:

  • Updated Preflight Checks
  • Enhanced Checks
  • Knowledge Object Management (KOM)
  • Automatic Application Assessment (AAA)
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting

Jim Donn
Director, Platform Strategist Cloud