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PLEASE NOTE: These workshops occur in Australia Eastern Standard Time (AEST), so registrations are limited to Australia and NZ only.

Welcome to IT Workshop Wednesdays. These 3 hour, hands-on workshops are brought to you by the Splunk team via zoom. Learn, connect & interact with Splunk subject matter experts, colleagues and industry peers, and have some fun on the way! From Rookies to Ninjas, virtual hands-on workshops are a convenient, interactive way to build your Splunk IT skills and knowledge – from the your work or home office.

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Splunk4Ninjas: Data Onboarding, hands-on workshop.
3rd June 2020.

A hands-on workshop that focuses on Splunk as a platform and the ability to onboard data into Splunk. This workshop explores the various ways to gather inputs, best practices and the various methods to bring data into Splunk.

What's Involved:
  • Collecting Data
  • Indexing Best Practices
  • Field extraction and CIM compliance
Who should attend?
Splunk administrators responsible for onboarding data, creating knowledge objects and eventually building TA. Ideally, you should be familiar with Splunk and its main principles. we will not explain Splunk basics during this workshop - we jump directly on how to do things and applying best practices.

Splunk4Rookies on AWS, hands-on workshop.
10th June 2020.

Go from Splunk & AWS Zero to Hero in under 3 hours! A great opportunity for you to discover the value of Splunk & AWS hands-on in a matter of hours.

What's Involved:
  • Collect & index data (including AWS logs)
  • Search data from AWS (Cloud Trail & Cloud Watch)
  • Creation of interactive dashboards
  • Explore the Splunk AWS Application
Who should attend?
Sessions are designed for Splunk beginners, whether your organisation is just starting to consider using Splunk on or with AWS, or you have just joined a team of Splunk & AWS Ninjas and need to understand the basics, SPLUNK4ROOKIES ON AWS is for you!

Splunk ITSI for Ninjas, hands-on workshop.
24th June 2020.

This workshop provides a focused, hands-on experience using Splunk ITSI’s various workflows for troubleshooting IT problems.

In this workshop you will learn about the basic “AIOps” features provided by ITSI and SAI:
  • Service Monitoring, technical and business
  • Multiple ways to visualize service health and correlate KPIs
  • Various ML features
  • Integration points to Splunk Enterprise, other Splunk products.
The Splunk ITSI for Ninjas largely builds upon KPIs and services that are already defined. This allows you to experience the ease-of-use of ITSI, without having to learn SPL from scratch.

Who should attend?
This workshop is hands on and is designed for Splunk users who have an interest in better supporting their business with IT; IT architects who support a line of business, NOC members, systems administrators, DevOps SREs and developers.

Ideally you have entry-level to intermediate Splunk / ITSI knowledge.

Splunk4Ninjas : Machine Learning hands-on workshop.
1st July 2020.

A 3 hour session where attendees get an introduction to Splunk's Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK) along with hands-on experience where they are given Machine Learning Challenges to be solved and results being collected on dashboards in their own AWS hosted Splunk instance.

What's Involved:
  • Hands-on Content that will be covered during the workshop
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Detect Outliers
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
Who should attend?
  • Existing Splunk users who want an intro and a first hands-on experience with MLTK
  • Analytics / BA/BI / Data Science teams who want to learn more about Splunk and MLTK
  • IT Ops / Security / IoT Splunk users who want to learn more about Splunk and MLTK
Prerequisites: Splunk Power User certification as a minimum (more is always better)

Splunk Search Party hands-on workshop.
8th July 2020.

The Splunk Search Party Workshop is a hands-on workshop to allow you to become familiar with the most popular Splunk search commands, build dashboards, and create an alert. This is a great introduction to Splunk if you are considering it for your organization. The workshop is presented over the web, virtually, which means you can join the webinar from your work or home office.

Pre-requisites: Although this hands-on workshop doesn't require any Splunk experience, it's recommended that you complete our free Fundamentals I online training.