DevOps, microservices architectures and clouds, both public and private, have enabled businesses to move with more velocity and be more responsive to customer needs, but make it harder to troubleshoot customer impacting issues. In order to meet the more advanced monitoring needs of dynamic cloud-native environments, and handle rapid innovation and deployment, DevOps teams need to adopt observability that incorporates best practices such as streaming data, distributed tracing, and open, standard data ingest like OpenTelemetry.

Observability tools that are integrated, leverage AI-driven analytics and offer remediation responses to issues impacting apps and environments can substantially simplify day-to-day production monitoring complexities and help teams solve issues before customers are affected.

Join us as we discuss these new trends with industry experts James Governor from RedMonk and Splunk’s Distinguished Architect Arijit Mukherji, to understand what SRE, DevOps and development teams should keep in mind as they create new, modern applications, in a distributed app world.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Monitoring challenges that modern environments and application architectures introduce
  • What do modern Observability solutions look like
  • Why observability is an important investment, highlighting customer examples
  • How customer happiness is measured and how successful DevOps leverage observability to deliver it

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Our Speakers

James Governor

Analyst & Co-founder at RedMonk

Arijit Mukherji

Distinguished Architect at Splunk Inc.