Boss of the SOC (BOTS) is a blue-team capture the flag-esque competition. As a contestant, you will explore and investigate realistic event data in Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security. During this EMEA wide competition on Wednesday 22 March you will practice your security skills and compete against peers for prizes and bragging rights. Players will be given a series of questions of varying type and difficulty and points are awarded for both accuracy and speed. Competitors will gain a stronger and more realistic understanding of their strengths regarding incident investigations. In addition, the results will highlight areas for training and education.

The Scenario
You and your team will role play as “Alice Bluebird”, our quirky Splunk Security analyst who has had a rough go since joining Frothly Home Brewery six years ago. On the heels of last summer’s attack, Alice decided to take some much deserved vacation and enjoy time on a nice tropical island. Besides, Violent Memmes only attacks in August, why would they ever change? With Alice enjoying an umbrella drink on a beach somewhere, Grace moved ahead with the acquisition of Toads Pest Controls. During conversations, Toads decided to decommission several tools and integrate their Splunk instance with Frothly’s to collect all of their data in one location. Meanwhile, Violent Memmes decides to attack Toads Pest Control during their Splunk Infrastructure Migration.

If you are a returning BOTS contestant, this is our v7 competition.

How Can I Prepare?

Fine Print

  • There's always something, isn’t there? Registration is required to compete in BOTS. No game-day registration is allowed.
  • Each individual must register on this landing page and indicate if you plan to join us in-person at one of our locations or virtually.
  • Follow the steps in the confirmation triggered after registration.

Registration is now Closed