Join us for our newest version of Boss of the Operations and Observability (BOO) competition taking place in an EMEA city near you and virtually!

BOO is a capture-the-flag-esque game, with a focus on Splunk’s IT and Observability solutions. BOO provides a fun and realistic approach to using Splunk. In its sixth consecutive year, BOO will provide gamers with real-world, real-time incidents where they assume the role of Ace, Splunk T-Shirt Co’s ultimate guru in all things Observability. As Ace, gamers will investigate outages, monitor their cloud environment, triage incidents using event analytics, and maybe even predict an outage before it happens. Get ready to race the clock (and your peers) and earn your team bragging rights to the world or maybe, just enjoy the journey, learn something new and have fun along the way.

The Scenario
You and your team will assume the role of Ace, Splunk T-Shirt Co.’s Site Reliability Engineer and ultimate IT and Observability guru. You will need to monitor, triage, and remediate a variety of P1, P2, and P3 episodes (aka incidents and outages). You will deep dive into real-world datasets using Splunk's IT and Observability platforms, get back to your roots with some core Splunk search and maybe even need to utilize the interwebs just like in real-life.

As always, there are many paths to victory and time is of the essence. You and your team will need to solve as many episodes as you can while racing the clock, earning points, and having fun.

Want Some Pre-BOO Practice?
We recently launched several Play Now Episodes based on iRacing and Data Drivers datasets. (Not only will you learn some new Splunk skills, but you may even find an Easter Egg to give you a leg up on the competition this year!) These Episodes are from our version 4 (.conf20) and version 5 (.conf21) games.

Fine Print

  • There's always something, isn’t there? Registration is required to compete in BOO. No game-day registration is allowed.
  • Each individual must register on this landing page and indicate if you plan to join us in-person at one of our locations or virtually.
  • Follow the steps in the confirmation triggered after registration.