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Observability to Enable Your Digital Initiatives

Are your apps and services distributed in the cloud, getting refactored as microservices or becoming more complex? If they are, you must factor in observability. Observability is about using all your data to help you find unexpected failure conditions, explain why they happened, and resolve them - FAST. This event is about the challenges, opportunities, and best practices to successfully build observability into everything you develop, deliver or monitor.

Top Reasons to Attend:
  • Better understand how observability is critical to key initiatives, such as cloud migration, hybrid/multi-cloud monitoring, application monitoring, and incident response
  • Get a first-hand look at the practices and technologies that are core to observability
  • Learn from those who have embraced observability as their approach to achieve stellar service availability and performance



Time Session Title and Speaker(s

30 min
The Practice of Observability/DevOps
Arijit Mukherji, Distinguished Architect, Splunk
Marc Chipouras, Engineering Director, Splunk

30 min
Essential Proactive Monitoring for Best in Class Observability
Brandon DeLap, Senior Performance Engineer, Catchpoint

30 min
Doers4DevOps Rapid Fire
Audit Logging with Terraform Cloud and Splunk, Kyle Ruddy Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, HashiCorp
Event-driven Automation for DevOps, Eric Sorenson, Technical Product Manager, Puppet
An Illustrated Intro to Observability & Containers, Kaslin Fields, Developer Advocate, Google

30 min
Making the Case for Observability
KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, Industry Analyst, RedMonk
Josh Atwell, Technology Advocate, Splunk

30 min
Splunk4DevOps Rapid Fire
Brandon Currie, Regional Sales Manager, Splunk
Steve Flanders, Director, Engineering, Splunk
Steve Lerner, Sr. Sales Engineer, Splunk

30 min
Observability for Your IT Value Stream
Melissa McKay, Developer Advocate, JFrog

10 min
DevOps & Observability Best Practices Closing Remarks
Josh Atwell, Technology Advocate, Splunk