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Driving Fast Outcomes with Emerging Technology


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With Cloud, Mobile, AI, Augmented Reality and IoT, today’s technology leaders have their hands full. We’ve all heard the stories - failed projects, low return on investment, years of experimenting with little to show.

On the other hand, there are a number of organizations who have harnessed the power of these emerging technologies to achieve outcomes with unprecedented time to value. We’ve witnessed Aerospace and Defense contractors, Manufacturers, Oil and Gas companies, Transportation and Logistics organizations using new tech to drive new opportunity and efficiency. So what is their secret?

If you’re looking to take a significant step towards creating a data-driven business, here’s a little inspiration from those that have already blazed the trail you’re looking to travel. In this webinar, you’ll hear stories of early adopters and innovators who have moved beyond simple experimentation with emerging technology to creating new sustainable, successful services and business models within their organizations. Through these success stories and some hard lessons learned, we’ll demonstrate what makes the difference in real world settings, including:

  • Why having the right data and making it accessible really matters
  • How to recognize where IoT and AI investments can pay off
  • How to drive outcomes from technology investments in a practical and cost-effective way


Felicia Dorng
Splunk’s Director, IoT Chief Evangelist
Splunk Inc.