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How is application and infrastructure support changing as teams adopt microservices strategies? What does observability look like in the modern, cloud-native world?

As software development moves faster and architecture becomes more complex, teams also need to understand what’s happening with their systems more quickly than ever before. In this webinar from SignalFx and VictorOps, we’ll look at how teams are efficiently managing application and infrastructure monitoring in a containerized, microservices world. We’ll also uncover actionable tips for deepened observability through organizational change and best practices for microservices APM.

Holistic observability with streaming analytics, distributed tracing and incident response

Observability is only a collection of useful data if you don’t find ways to take action with it. With modern APM and infrastructure solutions, open and flexible instrumentation for observability is easy with nearly any environment. Chris Riley and Dave McAllister, DevOps Advocate for VictorOps and Sr. Technical Evangelist for SignalFx, respectively, sit down to cover all your thoughts around APM, microservices, observability and incident response.

In this webinar from SignalFx and VictorOps, you’ll learn:

  • Why to care about modern APM and microservice architectures: See why, and how, companies are embarking on a cloud-native, microservices transformation. Chris and Dave will look at how modern applications and infrastructure are different from the previous iteration of large, monolithic architectures and why APM and infrastructure monitoring tools need to change as well. They’ll discuss why customers and anyone in your organization should care about microservices APM.
  • The value of building observable services: You’ll discover the tangible value and benefits provided by building observable services. Not only will you see the value of observability, but Chris and Dave will give you real use cases, tips and tricks for building observable environments.
  • Questions to ask yourself when architecting observable services: Let us help you identify crucial, customer-minded questions to ask yourself and your team when approaching monitoring, observability and overall site reliability engineering
  • How to close the observability loop: Learn why observability is step one in a larger story of action. Chris and Dave will talk about gleaning insights from your observability data in real-time, allowing you to rapidly improve the way developers and operations teams work together. See how closing the observability loop with actionable takeaways is helping teams maintain CI/CD while reducing incident impact.
  • The benefits of SignalFx’s new Microservices APM and Kubernetes Navigator: Get more information about SignalFx’s new Microservices APM and Kubernetes Navigator product and features. See how a combination of SignalFx and VictorOps can help any team modernize their application development and IT operations workflows without causing a headache.