Protecting Patient Data with AWS and Splunk Healthcare Security Webinar

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At a time when overdose deaths are at crisis levels across the country, largely due to the opioid epidemic, healthcare providers have a responsibility to safeguard against any potential medication diversion of drugs. Splunk is the healthcare provider’s privacy platform for monitoring access of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), patient privacy auditing, and identifying potential diversion of controlled substances (i.e. opioids). Cloud organizations, like AWS, provide HIPAA-eligible services to personalize the patient's health journey and promote data-driven decisions by analyzing large datasets to extrapolate insights from disparate sources leveraging both structured and unstructured data across a number of disparate sources within health.

This insightful discussion with AWS and Splunk will allow you to learn how healthcare organizations identify and circumvent the potential diversion of opioids.

The webinar to dives into:

  • Insights on creating a medication diversion strategy
  • How leveraging real-time data to provide alerts and reports help to facilitate investigations
  • Real-life example on how organizations are adapting to the high-tech world
  • How technology is helping bring transparency to the opioid crisis and reduce prescription fraud


Elizabeth Bourdreau
Healthcare Executive Advisor
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Shirley Golen
Director, Product Marketing - Global Healthcare Solutions