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Today’s climate and economy are forcing teams to reevaluate initiatives: what will drive IT efficiency immediately, with limited funding? AIOps is a term often thought of as a hyped buzzword, and a practice primarily for CIOs thinking about long-term transformation initiatives. How can AIOps help IT teams and organizations now, in response to this new climate?

In this leadership panel tell-all, executives from Accenture and Splunk cover common misconceptions about AIOps and present practical advice to implement machine learning, automation and predictive analytics today. In this Q&A session, we will discuss how to activate AIOps for short-term initiatives, and improve IT operations effectiveness and agility.

Join us for our on-demand webinar, AIOps: Beyond the Hype, to learn:
  • Success stories from companies who have activated AIOps today
  • How to get started with AIOps and common use cases like event management, predictive analytics and service monitoring
  • Why AIOps is relevant today with a remote workforce
A Lineup of Experts from Splunk and Accenture
Speaker Info
IT Markets Strategist, Splunk

Speaker Info
VP of Product Management,
IT Markets, Splunk

Speaker Info
Managing Director, Accenture