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IT departments are facing new challenges and opportunities to create value daily. For teams with a modern approach to IT, these challenges can be exciting — for those relying on outdated technology, it can be somewhat daunting. Tools and tactics of the past aren’t able to keep up with the demands facing IT today, leaving teams struggling to stay afloat.

In this session, we’ll share how Splunk for AIOps can help you maintain infrastructure and app availability to avoid costly outages, lost productivity and frustrated customers. We will also demonstrate how adopting an AIOps approach can benefit companies no matter where they are in their IT transformation journey.

Watch our AIOps Advantage on-demand webinar, "Begin Your Journey to AIOps with Splunk" where you’ll hear from our resident Splunk AIOps experts as they discuss:

  • Getting data into the platform from a variety of sources, comprising both metrics and events
  • How to optimize the performance, uptime and health of your IT environment
  • Implementing the right AIOps approach for your stage of the transformation journey
  • Using curated machine-learning capabilities to reduce noise and eliminate tedious manual tasks
Speaker Info
IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) Specialist, Splunk

Speaker Info
Product Marketing Manager for IT Markets, Splunk