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IT departments are facing new challenges and opportunities to create value daily. For teams with a modern approach to IT, these challenges can be exciting — for those relying on outdated technology, it can be somewhat daunting. Tools and tactics of the past aren’t able to keep up with the demands facing IT today, leaving teams struggling to stay afloat. Once again, we’re looking to help organizations solve these problems through an AIOps approach.

In our last episode, Part 2 of the AIOps Advantage series, we focused on helping you get started in AIOps with infrastructure and app availability, along with closed-loop incident management. In this episode, part 3, we’ll continue the conversation, introducing you to new ways of working, focusing holistically at business services.

Watch our third AIOps Advantage webinar, "Advance Your AIOps Approach with Splunk" where you’ll hear from our resident Splunk AIOps experts as they discuss:

  • Business service insights to manage apps and services more holistically
  • Predictive analytics to avoid outages entirely
  • Automation – triggering responsive actions is only the beginning of the story
  • Implementing the right AIOps approach for your stage of the transformation journey
Speaker Info
IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) Specialist, Splunk

Speaker Info
Product Marketing Manager for IT Markets, Splunk