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While Kubernetes abstracts away many infrastructure complexities enabling DevOps teams to move faster and scale efficiently, it also introduces new operational and monitoring challenges. DevOps and SRE teams grapple with challenges in monitoring dynamic and ephemeral containerized environments. According to the latest CNCF survey, monitoring and complexity are the top inhibitors in Kubernetes adoption. Applying traditional approaches to monitoring in cloud-native environments doesn’t work.

A new, multidimensional approach is needed to gain observability and real-time monitoring. Learn how Splunk is helping DevOps teams successfully navigate through the complexity that Kubernetes bring.

What you'll learn from this webinar:

  • Challenges in monitoring Kubernetes orchestrated workloads
  • How to achieve real-time observability into Kubernetes deployments
  • Demo of Kubernetes Navigator, a turnkey solution for DevOps teams to understand and manage performance in Kubernetes environments