The cloud offers a wide array of benefits, but migrating from your on-premises infrastructure, or adding more clouds to your existing ones can bring brand new hurdles for IT teams to overcome. Three of the most common challenges are; 1) Monitoring such a dispersed hybrid multi-cloud architecture, 2) Modernizing your tools, when measuring CPU usage once-a-minute no longer makes sense for containers, and 3) Knowing how a tech stack component such as SAP or a microservice impacts business goals.

These common issues illustrate that supporting today’s organizational digital transformation efforts mean; monitoring is required to move up a gear, there’s a greater need for observability, and an increased reliance on DevOps. Whether you are a DevOps practitioner, SRE, CTO or a sysadmin, you can join this webinar to learn:

  • What observability is and how it differs from monitoring
  • How monitoring is evolving into observability
  • How you can improve your MTTD and MTTR with real-time visibility and AI-driven streaming analytics
  • How Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring can help you keep pace, consolidate tool sets, and eliminate silos to get ahead of issues before impact

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Our Speaker

Stephane Estevez

EMEA Director of Product Marketing, IT Markets at Splunk